“Healer’s Academy is the discovery of the gifts and rewards of service and the learning of one of the most powerful empowerment modalities on the planet.  As you offer the gifts of transformation to others we find it in ourselves moving to greater levels within our progression.”

D. Hava I Healers Academy

“Before Healers Academy, I had not considered myself a healer.  I now realize that we do not become healers, we came as healers and we are just remembering who we are.  Healers Academy is one of the most profound classes that I’ve experienced.  It awakened my ability to heal people with the most profound classes that I’ve experienced.  It awakened my ability to heal people with the most empowering modality on the planet – Life Activation.  When a friend turned to me after having no success with conventional medicine, it dawned on me just how fortunate I was that, having done Healers Academy, I was able to bring healing to him an others.”

Brian Leong I Healers Academy

“I was once described as s seeker on a path without any signposts.  With the Modern Mystery School not only have I found the sign posts but also the MAP!  You will receive knowledge, understanding and keys that cannot be gained anywhere else.”

Mary I The Modern Mystery School

“Healers takes you on a path of accelerated personal growth and enables you to assist others to do the same.  It is not entirely easy yet every step has the potential to shed layers of those things which no longer serve us.  Seeing it in this light brings joy to even the most difficult of steps.”

Ann Donnelly I Healers Academy

“The Life Activation changed my life!  The impact it had on my life was so positive that I just had to learn how to do this so I could share it with others.  I became a Life Activation Practitioners in August 2011 and could not wait to share this sacred process with others.  Looking back at how the lives of the people I have activated have been transformed, bring me great joy!  There is nothing more satisfying than to see a person step into a position of personal power and create the life they are supported to live.  It is such an honour to have and us this tool, which can really help people to change their lives for the better.

Marda Hull I Life Activation

“In a world that is evolving quickly and offers many challenges, it’s important to have tools to develop my highest and best self. Galactic Activation is one of the key tools to open that doorway!! I immediately felt the power and love through the energies and activations. Now I’m well equipped to elevate myself and help spread light to others. A must-do!!” 💝💫


Pamela Pearson I Galactic Activation

“I am shocked. I feel this connectedness within, to the planet, the beings around me and the universe- seamlessly. There is this sense of grace and care for myself and others that’s coming through, as a galactic community, here to work towards a common goal… Shamballah.

My heart is open. My eyes are clear. Passion flows through me. I’m grateful to be alive. 🙏🏼👽💕✨👑

Thank you, Martina Coogan, for a transformational weekend.”

Kaitlin Boucher I Galactic Activation

Words fail me for my experience this past weekend. How does one express in vowels and syllables such a powerful and spiritual awakening that has lit up my entire being? In simplest terms that do not adequately describe my incredible experience, I can only say, “life-changing and an amazing start on my path of self-development and the role I am to serve for the greater good for all now and in the future”.I am truly blessed and humbled to be part of such an important and sacred journey. Many thanks and love to you, Martina and the whole team again for everything. I will definitely be back for more classes and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon.


Jeff Morris I Galactic Activation

Universal Kabbalah through the Modern Mystery School saved my life; period. I’ve ascended the Tree of Life through this Lineage program multiple times and each time brings me more deeply into myself, saving and loving pieces that would otherwise go untouched, uninhabited and unempowered and bringing true love and joy to my heart. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that without Universal Kabbalah in my life, I would be living as a shell of my potential.

Casey O’Connell | Universal Kabbalah

The Universal Qabalah class has been the most life changing time of my life. It has taught me how to look within and cultivate virtues while also becoming aware subconscious patterns that i have been doing throughout my life. The true value and depth of these mystery school teachings cant be expressed through words, but I am immensely grateful.

Alan Gremillion | Universal Kabbalah

As a severe skeptic I was hesitant to try the methods and classes offered by the Modern Mystery School. However, I started with a Life Activation, and from there I decided: “I’ll stop doing it when it stops working.” I’m still coming back, getting healings, taking classes and getting to know who I truly am. No regrets.

Alex V | Life Activation

This has been the most transformational few months of my life! Martina is a WONDERFUL teacher and keeps you focused on your heart space even as you move through the toughest of personal challenges in the midst of surprisingly esoteric rigor.

Ian | Universal Kabbalah

I have been studying with The Modern Mystery School since 2017 and have been fortunate enough to participate in many of their programs. I have taken Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry 1,2, & 3, some Elemental Magicks, Astral Travel, 12 Races, Kabbalah, Journeys of the Spirit and probably a couple more I am not remembering at the moment. For me, being part of the community helps enrich my life and creates an outlet where I can connect with friends on multiple dimensions. I recently received the Galactic Activation and found so much synergy, balance, and connection to myself afterwards. As if I had completed a cycle and am now experiencing a deeper grounding to my purpose with the tools to help me BE. My life has shifted on so many levels with Mystery School Programs – I am always amazed to witness that no matter how much I learn, I continue to unfold layer upon layer of peace and purpose within the school.

Tia Harrison | Galactic Activation with Martina Coogan

Universal Kabbalah has shifted my entire experience of life. The clarity, focus, and discipline that I’ve achieved in less than a year were goals that I couldn’t achieve through over 15 years of therapy! This sacred process has given me real tools to uplevel my ability to manifest my Highest Good, to clean out my subconscious, and truly create my journey on Earth moment to moment. If you seek to be the captain of your ship and the writer of your story, this is it.

Jonathan G. Itchon | Universal Kabbalah

“What a class. I must say, I went into the class with resistance, and sure felt silly doing the exercises, but I am humbled and glad that I did it. Lorraine did a great job making everyone feel comfortable and in preparing the group for the activations to come.

The energy in the room was something I had felt before, but never thought to label it galactic. It could be no other way.

Throughout my day when I find myself not feeling empowered, I connect and my energy shifts. I am more confident and I feel my royalty. It helps me make better decisions and not cower where I used to. I feel like the queen that I am.

I would recommend this class from a place of integrity and experience. What a gift! Thank you for this class and your ongoing commitment to all of our progression.”

Sarah Hauch | Galactic Activation

The Galactic Activations are some of the most important steps we can take in our lives towards attaining our full potential and entering into the New Paradigm. Next to the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation, the Galactic Activations help awaken some of the most essential keys within us for achieving what the Kabbalists called the true Adam Kadmon, or the god-like human. This is what King Salomon had set out to accomplish in his lifetime, and everything was geared towards this.

Now, at this time on the planet, we humans are ready for this step and need these activations to help us evolve to the next level of becoming Galactic Humans. I strongly encourage all initiates (and especially all Kabbalists) to take advantage of this very important opportunity to receive this activation, even if it means traveling for it, and especially when it is coming to your own home area.
When I received the first levels of Galactic Activation, they catalyzed some of the most noticeable shifts for me at a physical level to help me anchor more of my light body into this physical density. I became far more in-tune with the needs of the body of light, and it led to profound shifts in my way of life. Every time I have received a re-attunement or next level to these activations, it has further awakened my sense of connection to the greater cosmos and my own ability to become more and more like a super-human. My immune system is stronger, my energy levels are more robust, and my body has become like a finely tuned sensor that helps me to be much more aware of the subtle energies around me and in higher vibrational states.

Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the opportunity to receive these essential Galactic Activations. ”

Theresa Bullard, Ph. D. | Galactic Activation

“Galactic Activation improved my energy frequency. This activation helps us evolve as human beings. I value the information I received about our galactic nature. It opened my mind.

The day after the activation, I could feel myself lighter, happier and experienced a deeper connection with people.

Since that time my taste for food changed. I simply can’t eat too processed food. Food must be alive so it can nurture me!

I recommend Galactic Activation because it helps us in our evolution as human beings.”

Kity Olivera | Galactic Activation

“The Galactic Activation was one of the most resonant healings and classes that I have received on my path with the Modern Mystery School.

From a very young age, I had looked to the stars and always knew that there was more. That we were not alone. So Galactic Activation was an affirmation that I felt I had been waiting my whole life to receive. The teachings on shifting our consciousness to the New Paradigm made immediate sense. There was no negotiation or integration into current beliefs – they just snapped into place as knowledge that had been dormant and was now awakened. During the activation there was an amazing feeling and knowing of limitlessness and timelessness that was nearly indescribable.

Synchronicities also peaked in the weeks that followed, and I felt much more in the flow of life.
An amazing shift was the expansion of my full voice singing range. I am a classically trained singer and have been performing professionally for 20+ years. I received the Galactic Activation midway through rehearsals for a show, and the day after while the cast was vocalizing during warm ups, I was shocked that 5 notes that have never been there before were suddenly a fluid and consistent part of my vocal range.

I still use the rituals and practices handed down in the class on a daily basis and I feel my connection to the stars and galactic energy only becoming stronger. I look forward with excitement to future Galactic Activations to help me ground that sense of limitlessness and timelessness in my life and my service as I contribute to the creation of the New Paradigm.”

Jonathan Iitchon | Galactic Activation

“I first did the galactic activation in 2004. It was my 30th birthday, and I had a friend take me to the class. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but it was an amazing experience. I had been looking for real teachings from a school for many years. When I found out this was being offered from a real mystery school I was very excited.

The galactic activation completely changed how I saw the world. My diet changed to be more healthy and specific. All of my other senses really turned on. I also completely stopped smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol, which was a necessary step for me to really see myself.

After receiving Galactic Activation, I got initiated through the Modern Mystery School program called Empower Thyself. I have never regretted it. I know myself more everyday. ”

Aaron Zeigler | Galactic Activation

“Before going to galactic activation, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but was immediately drawn to the class on a spiritual level. The material presented so beautifully at the time seemed very simple in some ways, but holds such deeper concepts and meanings behind them that even 8 months afterwards I am still integrating and attempting to better align my lifestyle with the new energy.

I’ve felt called to listen to my whole being more and nourish it in ways that have never crossed the mind before the activation. It has empowered me to step forward as a galactic being of light and has brought a better way of being to this existence.”

Emily Berry | Galactic Activation

“First of all, Martina is an incredible teacher. The sense of humor she brings to these teachings made the weekend such a Joy. I’m still integrating, but the energy so far has been so uplifting. I feel like I was given such a precious gift and I’m so so grateful”.

Justine Harrington I Galactic Activation

Galactic activation helps to empower millennials to heal from their anger, feel safe in the world and mend relationships with older generations. I’ve always wanted to make a difference in this world, but before my anger and instability prevented me from truly having an impact. If everyone took this class humanity would finally be able to work together to solve our problems— the solutions we need don’t just come from younger generations, but from humanity’s collective wisdom and by acknowledging each person’s gifts. If you feel called to unite the different voices of the world and heal emotional wounds caused by our current society, galactic activation is a must.

Julie Grimm I Galactic Activation